The immigration rules indicate that if you hold a Student Visa, you can start working full-time hours / more than 20 hours per week once you have completed your programme or during official vacation periods.  

Please note that the University cannot provide letters to confirm when an individual student can work full time. This is because it is your employers responsibility to decide if you should be able to work full time or not. To help them make this decision, the employer can refer to the following evidence which is available from the University:

- Your official results letter which shows you have completed your studies

- Your academic calendar which shows official vacation periods

This evidence is acceptable, according to the UKVI Employer's Right to Work Guidance

Many students have some questions about this topic, and we are very happy to advise you in detail on your questions.  We encourage you to come to us for advice on this topic if you have concerns about it.  It is very important to make sure that you understand the working conditions of your visa. The International Student Advice Service is a professional immigration advice service, which is free for University of Greenwich students to use, and can provide you with detailed advice on this topic.

Please visit our working in the UK webpage for more detailed guidance and advice on when you can work full time hours.  You will find within the webpage information about how to attend one of our regular Working Conditions workshops if you have more detailed questions you need to discuss.  

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